Fields Displayed on the Product Detail Page

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SuiteCommerce InStore


After you configure item records in NetSuite, product information you entered in NetSuite is displayed on the Product Detail Page in SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS). SCIS uses templates to display product information, but you cannot modify these templates. Use the following information to understand which fields from item records are displayed on the Product Detail Page.

Item Field



Display Name/Code

Item Name/Number shows as the product name if you do not enter a value for Display Name/Code.


Item Name/Number


Base Price


Quantity On Hand, stock status

The stock status message is generated by NetSuite. You can set preferences on the item record or on the Web Site Set Up page.


Detailed Description from the Web Site subtab of the item record.

Product Detail Page Specific Options

You can modify some field labels displayed on the Product Detail Page by editing the JavaScript configuration file. For instructions on making edits to this file, see Editing the CustomConfiguration.js File.

You can change the string that appears in front of the Item Name/Number by changing the value for labelForItemId. Note the following code sample:

// Product Detail Page specific options pdp: { // If true it will show the Item ID label on the page // showItemIdInPDP: true, // Label used for describing the product ID labelForItemId : 'Item #: ' },

You can also modify the item name display in the cart. For more information, see Item Display in Cart.