Setting Gift Certificate Attributes For SCIS

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When you use gift cards in SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS), you must modify the CustomConfiguration.js file to include settings for swiping gift cards. You can configure default gift certificate attributes for SCIS. These attributes are displayed in entry fields when sales associates create new gift certificates. The default values you set are displayed as prompts in SCIS. When selling a gift certificate, the sales associate overwrites the default values.


CustomConfiguration.js includes settings for card separator and gift card fields. Accept the defaults. Changing these settings in the configuration file can affect gift certificate capabilities.

Gift Card Separator, Scanning, and Fields

To use physical gift cards in SCIS, you must modify gift card settings in the CustomConfiguration.js file. Find the following code snipet, and then make modifications as described in the code sample given here:

// RegularExpression used to decide if a character is a Card separator // Used to distinguish Gift Card and Employee Access Cards fields // // separator: '[\|/]', separator: '[-]', // Characters ignored during the scan // // ignore: ['%', '?'], // Gift card Fields in order of appereance. // // fields: ['upccode', 'quantity', 'giftcertauthcode'], },

Modifying Display of Authentication Code

You can hide the authorization code field on the gift certificate entry form at the point of sale. Add the following line to the CustomConfiguration.js file:

hideAuthorizationCode: true },

To display the authorization code field, change the setting from true to false.

Modifying Gift Card Entry Field Attributes

Define the following parameters in the giftCertificate entry:

  • defaultFromName: defines the default name of the purchaser of the gift certificate. By default, this name is automatically read from the application environment.

  • defaultToName: specifies the default recepient of the gift certificate.

  • fallbackEmail: defines a generic email address associated with the gift certificate.

  • defaultMessage: specifies a default message that appears on the gift certificate receipt.

The following code sample shows the syntax for the giftCertificate entry:

// Gift card selling configuration giftCertificate: { // The name that appears on the gift certificate in the 'From' field by default // // defaultFromName: 'Your store' // The name that appears on the gift certificate in the 'To' field by default // // defaultToName: 'Customer', // The email that apperars on the 'Email' field by if the order customer has // no email set and the user didn't specify a email on the gift certificate // // fallbackEmail: '', // The message that appears on the gift certificate in the 'Message' field by default // // // defaultMessage: 'You received a Gift Card from this store', },