Gift Certificates in SuiteCommerce InStore

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To sell a gift card or gift certificate in SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS), an administrator must configure a gift certificate item record in NetSuite. A check box on this item record defines the gift certificate as a physical gift card or a digital gift certificate. The digital gift certificate is redeemable with only the authorization code. The gift certificate can be configured so that the sales associate sets the amount at the time of sale. For more information, see Configuring Gift Certificates for SCIS.

An administrator can also modify the CustomConfiguration.js file to configure the default values displayed in fields on gift certificates. Changing the default values in these fields is an optional customization. For more information, see Setting Gift Certificate Attributes For SCIS.

Selling Gift Certificates

After Gift Certificates are configured in NetSuite they are treated as items in SCIS. After the gift certificate is added to the cart, the sales associate can click on the line-item to change the information, if needed. When a gift card is added to the cart, SCIS prompts the sales associate to swipe the card, and then enter the price (if the gift card is configured with a variable amount). For more information useful for sales associates, read Working with Gift Cards in SCIS.

Selling a digital gift certificate is similar, except there is no card to swipe. Also, the sales associate is prompted to enter information for the notification email message that is sent to the recipient. The sales associate enters the names of the gift certificate giver and recipient, the email address of the recipient, the authorization code, and a message. When the order is complete, the authorization code is sent to the gift recipient in an email message and printed on the receipt.

Applying a Gift Certificate as Payment

After the sales associate adds items to an order, he or she clicks the Other Payment button in SCIS, and then selects Gift Certificate. Next, the sales associate swipes the gift card, or enters the authorization code for a digital gift certificate. After the authorization code has been entered, the transaction summary window shows the gift certificate amount applied to the order and the remaining amount due. For more information useful for sales associates, read Paying with a Gift Card.