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This information refers to the Mont Blanc release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or later.


In NetSuite, quotes or quotations are often referred to as estimates.

Commerce web sites offer a feature for customers to create quotes online. With this feature enabled, a Request a Quote link appears by default to all customers (logged in or not) in your site’s Shopping and My Account header. These links direct customers to a page where they can search for and add items, enter shipping information, and add optional comments to build a quote request. After the customer submits the quote, Commerce web stores automatically create an Estimate record in NetSuite. Only customers with permissions to build quotes have this option. customers without permissions are prompted to contact the merchant. An Add to Quote button also appears on the PDP for any customers with request-a-quote permissions.

Customers can eventually make purchases from a quote, but only after the quote reaches a certain status in the corresponding Estimate record. You configure the status that triggers this functionality. You can also configure the time (in days) that all quotes expire after initial submittal.

More Information

Before setting up the Quotes feature on your Commerce website, understand the following information:

  • This feature does not function in Site Builder Basic. Site Builder Premium supports making purchases from a quote, but only Commerce web stores support creating a quote.

  • This feature does not support subsidiaries.

  • Customers can add items to a quote, regardless of the item’s out of stock behavior.

  • Handling costs are not displayed in the summary total of the quote, but they are added to the order total after the quote becomes a purchase.

  • Parent matrix items cannot be added to a quote, only specific child items.

  • The Multiple Ship To feature is not available.

  • The product details page displays an Add to Quote button. This is only visible by customers with permissions to create a quote.

  • Gift Certificates cannot be added to quotes.

  • When a customer submits a quote, Commerce web stores do not automatically send an e-mail notification of the submission by default. This action can be set up in NetSuite as a Workflow Action (see the help topic Workflow Elements) or as a User Event Script (see the help topic User Event Scripts).