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SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) is a web-based point-of-sale application available for the U.S. market.  It provides a touch-based user interface specifically designed for tablets.

SuiteCommerce purchases originate either online, on a SuiteCommerce web store, or via in-store (SCIS) sales. NetSuite manages these purchases using different types of Transaction records, depending on the origin. For example, an order placed online through your SCA site creates a Sales Order transaction record in NetSuite. Another purchase placed in your store using SCIS may require the Cash Sale or the Invoice record, depending on the transaction type.

When an SCA website is integrated with an SCIS platform, the SCIS transactions are incorporated into the SCA website order management and billing components. Shoppers can then:

  • View all Online and In Store purchases in one list on their Purchase History page or filter results to display In Store purchases or Online purchases only. If viewing as one list, shoppers can differentiate between the two types of purchases using the Origin column.

  • View and print a PDF of an individual purchase from the Purchase Details page.

  • Determine if a purchase is associated with an existing sales quote.