Application Performance Management

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The Application Performance Management (APM) feature (previously known as Real User Monitoring or RUM) makes it possible to capture certain types of data that enable you to extract and store metrics about how users interact with your website. You can use this information to monitor and track the performance of your website as a whole or specific resources within the site.

The Sensors module extracts data from the application and store it in a database. When Application Performance Management is enabled in NetSuite, the Sensors module is automatically enabled. When enabled, the site automatically loads the Sensor module when the application starts.

The data extracted by the Sensors module is stored in an internal database in NetSuite. This data is sent to the database in two different contexts:

  • When the application loads the Sensors module.

  • As the user navigates to different pages in the application.

When the application loads the Sensors module, this module loads an external JavaScript called nlRUM.js. This script is responsible for handling the data transactions used to store the data in the backend database.