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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


SuiteCommerce Advanced customers must implement Mont Blanc or later to use this feature.

Google Tag Manager is a free application provided by Google that lets you manage all of your tags in one place. Tags can measure site traffic, visitor behavior, provide insight into the impact of online advertising and marketing campaigns, or other functions.

Third-party services use tags to collect information about user activities as users browse and interact with a site. Manually creating these tags and associated triggers takes time and usually requires some technical knowledge about the service as well as some knowledge about how to create tags, triggers, and sometimes variables and events. Google Tag Manager Editor is a NetSuite application that handles these tasks for you.

During setup, Google Tag Manager Editor creates the tags, triggers, and variables for the services you select and adds them to your Google Tag Manager container. You can also use Google Tag Manager Editor to add additional supported services or to remove an installed service. See Supported Google Tag Manager Services for a list of services currently supported by Google Tag Manager Editor.

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Before you Begin

Be aware of the following:

  • You must have a Google account. See Create your Google Account.

  • You must have an account for each of the services you are adding, and you must know the identifying information required to connect to each service. For example, if you want to add Google Analytics, you must have a Google Analytics account and must know your Google Analytics Tracking ID.