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SCIS provides localization support for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain. This section includes setup information for localizing SCIS.

The following general capabilities are supported in SCIS:

  • Currency

  • Decimal precision

  • Item pricing

  • Taxes

  • Receipts

  • Cash rounding

  • Address formats

  • Phone formats

  • Date formats


Set the date format at Setup > Company > General Preferences. . For OneWorld accounts, the date format is specified on the default website subsidiary record. To modify this setting, edit the subsidiary record at Setup > Company > Subsidiary, and change the date format on the Preferences subtab.

Custom Address Form Templates

In addition, SCIS supports custom address form templates. Account administrators and other users with the Custom Address Form permission can create customized versions of the address form, and assign each custom address form to one or more countries. In SCIS, the custom address forms that you create display in the customer profile, order items page, and product detail pages.

Creating custom address forms is a task associated with NetSuite customization, and not specifically with SCIS. For more information about custom address forms, see the help topic Customizing Address Forms.

Taxes and Localization

Typically, applicable taxes are displayed in the cart, checkout pages, and order confirmation. Alternately, you can set the website preference, Prices Include Tax to include tax in item prices displayed in SCIS.


The Prices Include Tax check box is only applicable to the United Kingdom and International editions of NetSuite.

To include tax in item prices:

  1. Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site.

  2. Click Edit next to your SCIS website.

  3. Click the Shopping subtab.

  4. Check the box next to Prices Include Tax.

  5. Click Save.

When this preference is set, tax is included in the price of each item. If shipping and handling also include tax, then tax is included in the cost of shipping and handling. However, a separate line for tax still displays in the SCIS transaction summary.

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