Advanced Receipt Templates for SCIS

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SuiteCommerce InStore


SCIS supports the Advanced PDF/HTML Templates feature in NetSuite for customizing receipts. You can use SCIS Receipt Templates to create your own receipts for print and email. The SuiteCommerce InStore SuiteApp installs a set of receipt templates.

Creating Custom Receipt Templates

To create a custom receipt template, you must make a copy of the template you want to use, and then make changes to the copy. It is recommended not to use the default receipt templates in everyday business. Because, SCIS is a managed SuiteApp, any changes to the default templates will be overwritten by future updates to the SuiteApp. For more information read, Customizing a Receipt Template for SCIS.


Do not modify any of the receipt templates that are installed by default. Because SuiteCommerce InStore is a managed SuiteApp, your changes to the templates will be overwritten by automatic updates to the SuiteApp.

Creating SCIS Receipt Template Custom Records

You must create an SCIS Receipt Template custom record for each receipt template you use with SCIS. For example, if you want to create different receipts for different locations, you must create a custom record to define the location where each receipt template is available. For more information, see Creating SCIS Receipt Template Records