SCIS Receipts

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SuiteCommerce InStore

SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) uses the following custom record and custom list so that you can customize receipts. For more information about setup and configuration, see Advanced Receipt Templates for SCIS.

SCIS Receipt Template

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_receipt_templates

  • Description: SCIS supports the Advanced PDF/HTML Templates feature for customizing receipts. The SCIS Receipt Template custom record links your customized receipt template to SCIS. NetSuite recommends that you use the template installed by SCIS as the basis for your custom receipt templates. You can create as many Advanced HTML/PDF templates as desired. For more information, read, Advanced Receipt Templates for SCIS.

SCIS Receipt Template Type

  • ID: customlist_ns_pos_template_type

  • Description: The SCIS Receipt Template type is a custom list with two entries: Print and Email. You can create as many different SCIS Receipt Template records as you want, but there are only two template types.


    Do not add or remove values from this list.