Subsidiaries and Locations for SCIS

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This section includes general information about configuring SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) for OneWorld accounts and setting up locations. The following links include more detailed information.

If you use OneWorld, you must select a subsidiary on each employee, item, and website record. For more information, read Subsidiaries and SuiteCommerce InStore.

A location must be specified on each employee record granted access to SCIS. For more information, read the following topics:

The Filters subtab, found on many SCIS custom records, enables an administrator to define location and subsidiary settings.

An important step in configuring your implementation of SCIS is to ensure that the proper locations and subsidiaries are selected on SCIS custom records. Location and subsidiary settings on SCIS custom records ensure capabilities such as QuickAdd Keys, discounts, shipping methods, printing settings, and transaction forms are available for sales associates when they are entering orders. If you do not want to setup specific location and subsidiary settings, then check the Apply to All boxes.