Disable Store Locator

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


This feature is enabled by default. To disable it, you must edit the distro.json file.

To disable the Store Locator feature:

  1. Using code editor software, open the distro.json file in the root directory of the SuiteCommerce Advanced source code.

  2. Delete (or disable within comment tags) any lines that include StoreLocator.

    For example:

    "suitecommerce/StoreLocatorReferenceMapImplementation": "X.X.X", "suitecommerce/Location.SCA": "X.X.X", "suitecommerce/StoreLocatorAccessPoints": "X.X.X", "suitecommerce/StoreLocator": "X.X.X", "suitecommerce/StoreLocatorGoogleMapsImplementation": "X.X.X", "StoreLocatorAccessPoints", "StoreLocator" "StoreLocator.Model" "StoreLocator.ServiceController"
  3. Delete (or disable within comment tags) the following line:

  4. Save and redeploy the distro.json file.