Product Merchandising Rule Caching

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


Product merchandising rules are cached to improve performance. The default cache time before a new merchandising rule becomes active is approximately two hours. If you want to reduce the cache time, you must make changes to the DM_SS_Library.js in the Product Merchandising bundle.

Caching for product merchandising rules is defined in two instances of the TTL = attribute. The default is set to MAX_TTL, which is the standard two-hour cache. To reduce the default time to approximately five minutes, change each instance to MIN_TTL.

Note that reducing caching times can impact performance.

function setTTL(paramValue){ //ttl is not defined if(paramValue == null || paramValue == undefined || paramValue == ''){ ttl = MAX_TTL; return ttl; } //ttl is defined but invalid var paramValueInt = parseInt(paramValue); if(isNaN(paramValueInt) || paramValueInt <MIN_TTL || paramValueInt > MAX_TTL){ ttl = MAX_TTL; return ttl; } else{ ttl = paramValueInt; return paramValueInt; } }