Newsletter Sign Up Using Core SCA Source Code

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SuiteCommerce | Aconcagua | Kilimanjaro | Elbrus | Vinson

If you are using SuiteCommerce themes built prior to the SuiteCommerce 2018.2 release or SuiteCommerce Advanced releases Vinson, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, and Aconcagua, the Newsletter Sign Up form is incorporated in your site’s source code. You can disable the Newsletter Sign Up form by editing your site’s source code.

To disable the Newsletter feature:

  1. Open the distro.json file in the root directory of the SuiteCommerce Advanced source code.

  2. Search for and remove or disable any lines that include Newsletter within the distro.json file, where x.x.x equals the version.

    For example:

    "suitecommerce/Newsletter": "x.x.x",
  3. Save and redeploy the distro.json file.