Configure Newsletter

When a user submits an email address for a newsletter and the SuiteScript API fails to return any matching Customer or Lead records, SuiteCommerce creates a new Lead record. The new Lead record is created using the Standard Customer Form as a default.

SuiteCommerce then sets this new record’s Global Subscription Status field to Soft Opt-In. However, NetSuite requires values in the record’s Name and Company fields.

To meet this requirement, SuiteCommerce adds a generic first name, last name, and company name each time it creates a new Lead record. You configure the default values for these fields using the SuiteCommerce Configuration record.

To configure properties for the Newsletter feature:

  1. Select the domain to configure at Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Configuration.

  2. In the SuiteCommerce Configuration record, navigate to the Extensions tab and the Newsletter Sign Up subtab.


    If you are using SuiteCommerce Advanced Aconcagua or earlier, the properties for the Newsletter feature are found in the Newsletter subtab, under the Shopping tab. See Newsletter Subtab for details.

  3. Set feature properties as required.

  4. Save the Configuration record.