Using Pre-Vinson Services with Vinson Release or Later

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SuiteCommerce Advanced


Services included with SuiteCommerce Advanced prior to the Vinson software release contain all the logic necessary to function with Vinson release and later.

The Vinson release of SuiteCommerce Advanced ports existing, unmodified services of previous releases. Therefore, any unmodified services using pre-Vinson architecture will function with Vinson without requiring any changes to the code. However, if you made any customizations to pre-Vinson services, you can still use your existing customizations with the Vinson release of SCA. This requires editing the appropriate ns.package.json file to use the existing service (.ss file).

With the Vinson release of SuiteCommerce Advanced, each module’s ns.package.json file contains the autogenerated-services object. This object includes a list of .ss files to automatically generate when you deploy your site plus their associated Service Controllers. The following example displays the ns.package.json file for the Account module:

{ "gulp": { "javascript": [ "JavaScript/*.js" ] , "ssp-libraries": [ "SuiteScript/*.js" ] , "autogenerated-services": { "" : "Account.ForgotPassword.ServiceController", "" : "Account.Login.ServiceController", "" : "Account.Register.ServiceController", "" : "Account.RegisterAsGuest.ServiceController", "" : "Account.ResetPassword.ServiceController" } } }

If you have customized any services using pre-Vinson architecture, you can add code to the services array of the appropriate ns.package.json file, forcing the dev tools to use existing .ss files of the same name instead of automatically generating ones.

To use pre-Vinson services with Vinson release or later:

  1. Open the ns.package.json file located in the module containing the service file you want to use.

  2. Add the following code to the file:

    , "services": [ "SuiteScript/*.ss" ]


    If a custom service (.ss file) exists in the module that bears the same name as one listed in the autogenerated-services object, this code prevents the dev tools from automatically generating that .ss file. The dev tools will display a warning, informing you that the service will not be automatically generated because of the custom service with the same name. This warning is displayed as information only and does not require any action.

  3. Save the ns.package.json file.

  4. Use the dev tools to deploy your services to your site.