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SuiteCommerce Web Stores | Aconcagua | Kilimanjaro | Elbrus | Vinson

This section contains a list of all the configuration properties supported by SuiteCommerce. In this section, properties are grouped by functionality based on how they appear in the Configuration record, listed alphabetically by tab and subtab.


SuiteCommerce Configuration is available as a separate bundle and requires SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced (Vinson or later). If you do not have the SuiteCommerce Configuration bundle installed, this reference still applies to configuration properties available in your implementation.

Each property in this reference includes a brief description of the property plus the following information. In many cases, this reference provides links to topics with detailed information.

  • ID – the name of the property in the JavaScript and JSON configuration files. In some cases, the ID differs in pre-Vinson implementations.

  • UI Location – the tab and subtab location in the Configuration record's user interface. This is where you configure the property in Vinson implementations and later of SuiteCommerce Advanced and in SuiteCommerce.

  • Configuration file (pre-Vinson) – the JavaScript file where you configure the property in pre-Vinson implementations of SuiteCommerce Advanced. This only applies to pre-Vinson implementations of SuiteCommerce Advanced.