Promotions in Commerce Web Stores

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SuiteCommerce Advanced



This information refers to the Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, and Aconcagua releases of SuiteCommerce Advanced only.

SuitePromotions set up transactions that provide various types of discounts to users including:

  • Item: A percentage or currency amount discount on items

  • Fixed Price Item: A fixed discounted price on items

  • Order: A discount applied at the order level

  • Shipping: A discount providing free shipping on specific shipping methods

  • Free Gift: A discount in the form of an item provided free to users meeting specific order criteria (available in Aconcagua only)

To apply an item, fixed price item, order, or shipping promotion in the web store, users enter a coupon code associated with a NetSuite promotions record.


Although you must specify a coupon code when creating a Free Gift promotion, users do not need to enter the code to receive the free gift offer. Free Gift promotions are automatically applied during the checkout process in the web store. Free Gift is not supported in the My Account Request a Quote workflow.

Site users can:

  • Apply or remove multiple promo codes in their shopping cart and when reviewing their order during checkout.

  • View an error message if a promo code cannot be added to an order.

  • View discount totals.

  • View applied promotions on the Order Details page.

  • Apply single-use and multi-use coupon codes.

  • Remove a free gift from the shopping cart page.

Site administrators can:

  • Configure the site to automatically apply eligible promotions to a transaction.

  • Automatically apply the best promotion to transactions eligible for multiple promotions.

  • Audit promotions activity to view and track promotions applied to a transaction.


NetSuite does not provide default policies for promotions. Use Site Management Tools (SMT) to create a landing page and add the details of the free gift Terms and Conditions and Returns policies to that page. Also using SMT, you can add a link to the landing page in your site footers.