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SuiteCommerce Advanced


Patches are documented instructions detailing how to implement a code update by manually customizing core SuiteCommerce Advanced source code. If you are implementing the Kilimanjaro release of SCA or earlier and you do not want to migrate to the latest release of SCA, we provide patching instructions for some issues you may encounter with your implementation.


Implementations of SuiteCommerce and the Aconcagua release of SCA and later do not require patching. SuiteCommerce implementations receive updates automatically. The best practice to update SCA (Aconcagua and later) is to migrate to the latest major or minor release.

When implementing patches for SuiteCommerce Advanced, refer to the following resources:

  • Patch Instructions provides links to the procedures to follow to resolve particular issues.

  • Patches Overview describes the modes available for patching. Note that review of the detailed steps for each mode is not required before getting started. The individual patch instructions tell you which mode to use and also provide a link to the detailed steps.