Creating an Open Item in SCIS to Prompt for Price

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SuiteCommerce InStore


The open item is a generic item record configured as a variable price item. The item is created by the administrator, and then used by sales associates. Sales associates can set the price of the item when it is added into the cart. The sales associate can use the open item to sell items that may not have a price, or items that are not configured in NetSuite. For example, if the customer wants to buy a floor model, the sales clerk can add it to the order and set the price in the cart.

You can create more than one open item record. You might use an open item to add shipping cost, or a charge for gift wrap.

To create an open item:

  1. Go to Lists > Accounting > Items > New. Complete the item record settings listed below.

  2. Enter a value in the Item Name/Number field. The value you enter here displays in NetSuite on lists. It will display in SuiteCommerce InStore as the product name if the Display Name/Code field is blank.

  3. (Optional) Add the item to a location. In the Location list, select the SCIS location where the item will be available for purchase. If you do not select a location here, the item is available in all locations.

  4. Click the Accounting subtab. Select a Tax Schedule.

  5. Click the Sales / Pricing subtab. In the Price Levels section, enter 0.00 for the Base Price. Enter the same price level for each currency that can be used to purchase the item. If you use multiple quantities, enter a price for each sales unit.


    SuiteCommerce InStore uses the Base Price (not Online Price) as the product price. If the Base price is not entered, an error occurs when the item is added to an order. Zero is a valid entry.

  6. Click the Web Store subtab to configure the following settings:

    1. Check the Display in Web Store box.

    2. (Optional) Enter a short description of the item in the Detailed Description field. Consider entering a description that provides some guidance to sales associates for how to use the open item appropriately.

    3. Check the Variable Amount box. This setting enables the sales associate to enter a price.


      The Don’t Show Price box and the No Price Message field do not affect the display in SCIS.

    4. Click Web Site Categories. In the Site column, select the SuiteCommerce InStore website. In the Category column, select Home.

After you have created the open item in NetSuite, you must also create an SCIS QuickAdd Key so that sales associates can add the open item to orders. For more information, read Configuring QuickAdd Keys.