Known Limitations of SuitePromotions on Commerce Web Stores

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SuiteCommerce Advanced



Be aware of the following known limitations of SuitePromotions when used in Commerce and Site Builder web stores:

  • SuitePromotions are not supported on Site Builder extensions.

  • SuitePromotions require SuiteCommerce or the Kilimanjaro release of SuiteCommerce Advanced and later.

  • SuitePromotions uses Audience to support the Partners types of promotions.

    See Setting Customer Eligibility on SuitePromotions for details.

  • Users can view the aggregate discount, but they cannot view line-item discount amounts.

  • Posting types can not be mixed. Any associated discount and mark-up items must be all posting discounts or all non-posting discounts. See the help topic Discount and Markup Items in Advanced Revenue Management for details.

  • The Apply Discount To property can only be set to All Sales. Otherwise unexpected issues can arise with your site.

  • Auto-Apply promotions have a limit of 30 promotions per transaction.

  • Auto-Apply Promotions can not be removed manually or by using the Commerce API.

  • Free Gift promotions do not work with the Multi Ship To feature.

  • Best Offer logic does not apply to Free Gift promotions.

  • Parent matrix items cannot be selected as a free gift.

  • Items with options cannot be selected as a free gift.