Website System Notes

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


You can use system notes to track important changes to website implementations. System notes are visible to account administrators, as well as any user with access to the Web Site Setup page.

To view system notes:

  1. Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site.

  2. Click Edit next to the website.

  3. Click the System Notes subtab.

System notes on the website record are also exposed to Saved Search. To create a saved search, click System Note in the New Saved Search list, and then filter the search for the website record type.

To create a saved search of changes to the Web Site record:

  1. Go to Lists > Saved Search > New.

  2. Click System Notes.

  3. On the Criteria subtab in the list of Filters, select Record Type, and then select Website.

  4. Click Save & Run.

The search results display all the changes made to your websites including the date when the change was made and by whom.


Not all changes made to the Web Site Setup page are logged in system notes.