Working with SCIS on Sandbox

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SuiteCommerce InStore


You can use SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) on your sandbox account for testing changes to your SCIS implementation. Before completing the following procedures, you must already have access to a sandbox account.

To configure a mobile device to access your sandbox account, you must complete some configuration steps in NetSuite and on the mobile device. You must define the file permissions for config-setup-step2.ssp within the SuiteCommerce InStore SSP Application. Then change the device ID status to Trusted.


For information on acquiring one or more sandbox accounts, contact your NetSuite account representative.

The following instructions assume you are using SCIS 2017.2.7 or later.

To set the permissions for the config-setup-step2.ssp file:

  1. Log into your sandbox account on a computer, with the Administrator role.

  2. Navigate to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > SSP Applications.

  3. Find SuiteCommerce InStore and click the Application Folder.

  4. Click Edit next to config-setup-step2.ssp. Under the Permission subtab set the following:

    • Check the Enabled box.

    • Set Execute as Role to SCIS Support.

    • Check the Run Script Without Login box.

    • For Roles, select Administrator and SCIS Clerk.

    • Check the box next to All Employees.

  5. Click Save.

To set the mobile device as trusted on your sandbox account:

  1. On the mobile device, use the Administrator role to configure the device for your sandbox account.

    1. After redirection to the SCIS Login page, try to login.

    2. An error message is displayed, "Invalid role or account device restrictions." The error indicates that the device ID is recognized, but the Status of the device is not Trusted.

  2. On a computer, log in to your sandbox account as an administrator to change the Status for the device.

    1. Go to Setup > Integration > Device ID. Find the device ID that is not trusted.

    2. Change the Status to Trusted.

  3. On the mobile device, log in to SCIS again, using your SCIS Clerk role. (This step will set the configuration in mobile app.)

  4. You are directed to login again. After login, you will be on SCIS Sandbox.


Each time you refresh your sandbox account, you must repeat this procedure to access SCIS for Sandbox on mobile devices. No change is required in your production NetSuite account.