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In addition to delivering the same experience as the web application, SCIS mobile applications include robust security and remote configuration options for administrators. SCIS for iOS and SCIS for Windows use custom records in NetSuite to update the configuration settings on your mobile device. Remote configuration enables administrators to make subsequent configuration changes after the first-run setup has been completed on the device.


SuiteCommerce InStore is only supported on mobile devices running SCIS for iOS or SCIS for Windows. Installation of either SCIS for iOS or SCIS for Windows is required.

Note the following:

Recommended Settings for iPads Running SCIS

  1. iOS 11.x, iOS 12.x, or iOS 13.0 through 13.3 – These versions have been verified to be compatible with SCIS for iOS mobile app 5.0.2.


    Free space issues in iOS 13.x can affect the storage required for Fallback. Under certain circumstances, these issues can cause the SCIS for iOS mobile app to fail . See Fallback and Storage Limits for Mobile Apps.

  2. SCIS for iOS mobile app 5.0.2 – To update the mobile app, go to the App Store app. On the Updates tab, tap the Update button next to NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore app.

  3. Turn off automatic updates – Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads. Turn off App Updates.

After applying recommended settings, you must wait for a notification from NetSuite before you update the iOS version on your iPad again or update the SCIS for iOS mobile application. NetSuite sends a notification after new iOS updates from Apple have been tested on SCIS, and when an updated version of the mobile app is available.

The best practice for applying settings to iPads is to update one single device, run acceptance tests on that device, and then apply the recommended settings to other devices. The list of acceptance tests is available in SuiteAnswers. For more information, read Updating the Operating System and SCIS Mobile App.

Recommended Settings for Windows Tablets Running SCIS

The SCIS for Windows mobile app includes specific system requirements. Tablets running SCIS on the Windows operating system must be updated to run the following:

  • Windows 10 operating system (Version 1607 or newer)

  • .NET Framework version 4.7.1

Supported Windows Operating System

The following table shows Windows OS versions that support SCIS for Windows mobile app 5.0.0.

SCIS Mobile App Version

Minimum .NET Framework Required

Windows OS Support for SCIS for Windows

Windows 10 64-bit (Version 1507)

Windows 10 64-bit November Update (Version 1511)

Windows 10 64-bit Anniversary Update (Version 1607)

Windows 10 64-bit Creators Update (Version 1703)

Windows 10 64-bit Fall Creators Update (Version 1709)


.NET 4.7.1






Detailed instructions associated with installation and configuration of SCIS mobile apps are included in the following topics: