Create a CCT Module

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SuiteCommerce Advanced


A custom content type (CCT) lets you create custom functionality as content that you can dynamically manage using Site Management Tools. Implementing CCTs for SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) requires two separate, but related activities. If you are implementing the Kilimanjaro release of SCA, you must first create a custom SCA module to contain the JavaScript, HTML, Sass, and resources required for your CCT. This topic explains how to accomplish this. The second activity involves setting up custom records in NetSuite for your custom content type using Site Management Tools.

See Custom Content Type for details on setting up your CCT using Site Management Tools.


If you are developing SuiteCommerce or the Aconcagua release of SCA or later, you must create CCTs using extensions. See Create a Custom Content Type.


You must have Site Management Tools enabled in your NetSuite account to implement CCTs on your SCA site. See Site Management Tools for information on how to set up SMT.

This procedure explains how to do the following:

  1. Create a Custom Module

  2. Create an Entry Point

  3. Create a View

  4. Create a Template

  5. Set Up Your ns.package.json and distro.json Files

  6. Deploy your code to your NetSuite account