Prerequisites for Pickup In Store

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Before you set up the Pickup In Store feature on your Commerce web store, the Advanced Order Management module must be provisioned on your NetSuite account.

To ensure your account is ready for Pickup In Store:

  1. Verify that the required features are enabled at Setup > Company > Enable Features:

    1. Go to the Company subtab in the Classifications area and verify that Locations is enabled.

    2. Go to the Transactions subtab, scroll to the Shipping & Receiving area and verify that these features are enabled.

      • Advanced Shipping

      • Pick, Pack and Ship

      • Fulfillment Request

      • Store Pickup

      • Multiple Shipping Routes

    3. Go to the Items & Inventory subtab in the Inventory area and verify that Multi-Location Inventory is enabled.

  2. Set up automation as needed for your company. Enabling Run Automation is optional but considered a best practice.

    1. Go to Setup > Order Management > Advanced Order Management and in the Automation subtab under Shipping Orders, enable Run Automation according to your company needs.

      Enabling this setting automates a business event workflow in the back end of NetSuite. When business events occur on a sales order, NetSuite runs the corresponding automation processes according to the advanced order management settings. See the help topic Order Fulfillment Automation. For complete information, review all related topics.

    2. Under the Automation Process area, select Automatic Location Assignment or Both as needed for your company.

      The Pickup In Store feature requires that you select Automatic Location Assignment or Both so that a latitude and longitude can be added to the location record. Automatic Location Assignment works with the Store Locator feature to provide a geolocation for nearby stores based on the customer’s current location. See the help topic Automatic Location Assignment for more information.

  3. Verify that the Store Locator feature has been set up and configured according to the needs of your company.

    You must set up elevated permissions for the service file record. See Set up Store Locator in NetSuite for detailed instructions.

    You can also configure properties such as distance units, default location types, and Google Maps. See Configure Feature Properties and Google Maps Implementation for more information.

Set up Locations and Items

Complete these Order Management tasks in NetSuite to setup your locations and inventory items for Pickup In Store.

  • Configure your retail locations to allow Pickup In Store.

  • Set up inventory items to indicate whether they are eligible for pickup at retail locations.

  • Create or update your customized sales order form for store pickup.


When you customize a Sales Order Form for Pickup In Store, you add the Fulfillment Choice and Location fields as line item columns. Make note of the customized Sales Order Form ID so that you can assign the new form to your website.

For detailed instructions on setting up locations and items, see the help topic Setting Up Store Pickup.

If your account is ready, proceed to Set up Pickup In Store in NetSuite