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For Vinson releases and earlier, when a PayPal address is submitted during a web store transaction, the NetSuite customer address is not updated to reflect the PayPal address. Instead, the original customer address within the NetSuite customer record is retained. Apply the patch described in this section to retain the PayPal address in the NetSuite customer record.


Making changes to core JavaScript source files or changing any vital functionality of the application can make migrating to future releases difficult. Before making changes to SuiteCommerce Advanced, see Customize and Extend Core SuiteCommerce Advanced Modules.

Step 1: Create the LiveOrder.Model.js Override file

  1. If you have not done so already, create a directory to store your custom module.

  2. Open this directory and create a subdirectory to maintain your customizations.

    Give this directory a name similar to the module being customized. For example:


  3. In the Live.Order.Override@1.0.0 directory, create a subdirectory called SuiteScript.

  4. Go to the SuiteScript directory located under the Modules > suitecommerce > LiveOrder@X.X.X directory.

  5. Copy the LiveOrder.Model.js file from Modules > suitecommerce > LiveOrder@X.X.X into the Live.Order.Override@1.0.0 > SuiteScript directory.

  6. Update the file to remove the following line from the submit() method.



    This customization can also be applied to pre-Denali implementations of SuiteCommerce Advanced. Remove the line of code from the submit method located at ssp_libraries/Models.js

Step 2: Prepare the Developer Tools for Your Override

  1. Create the ns.package.json file for the LiveOrderOverride@X.X.X directory. Add the following code:

    { "gulp": { "ssp-libraries": "SuiteScript/*.js" }, "overrides": { "suitecommerce/LiveOrder@X.X.X/SuiteScript/LiveOrder.Model.js" : SuiteScript/LiveOrder.Model.js" }
  2. Update the distro.json file.

    }, "modules": { ... "suitecommerce/LiveOrder": "X.X.X", "extensions/Live.Order.Override": "X.X.X",

Step 3: Test and Deploy Your Override

  1. Test your source code customizations on a local server (see SCA on a Local Server) or deploy them to your NetSuite account (see Deploy to NetSuite).

    Since this customization modifies a file that is stored as an SSP library, changes are not immediately visible in your local environment. You must first deploy your custom module directly to NetSuite. See Deploy to NetSuite for more information.

  2. Confirm your results.

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