SCIS Gift Certificates FAQ

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The following questions are frequently asked about configuring gift certificates for SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS).

What format should I use when ordering a batch of gift certificates?

When ordering a batch of gift cards from a third-party printer, use barcode Code 128. Use the format, UPC//authcode, for example 12345//00001. Ensure the UPC Code field is populated on the gift certificate record in NetSuite.

How many numbers can I use in a gift certificate?

System generated gift certificates use 10 alphanumeric characters. If you enter the gift certificate number manually at the point of sale or set it up in the back end, you can use 9 alphanumeric characters.

Does SCIS only support system generated authorization codes?

Recommended setup steps include selecting the System Generated option in the Gift Certificate Auth Code Generation field in Accounting Preferences.

However, you can choose to show or hide the authorization code on the gift certificate entry form in SCIS. Also, during the sale of a gift certificate, if you choose not to show the Authorization Code field on the gift certificate, or show it and leave it empty, then the code is automatically generated. Alternately, the sales associate can enter a 9 character alphanumeric code at point of sale.

How do I scan a physical gift card?

If you are scanning the gift card to pay for items purchased, you can swipe the gift card to get the authorization code, or enter the code manually.

If the customer is purchasing a gift card, you must scan the barcode. SCIS performs a search, to identify the gift card as an item. Then the dialog is displayed where the sales associate must enter the required information, and then add it to the cart.

Can an order that includes a physical Gift Card be shipped?

No, a gift card cannot be shipped. You can only ship line items that are not gift certificates. You can ship line by line, excluding the gift certificate.