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On the general subtab, you can define the discounts, shipping methods, logos, and SCIS Saved Searches available to SCIS users. Note that these saved searches are available for employees based on the combination of subsidiary, website and location defined on the filters subtab.

Setting general preferences for SCIS:

  1. Go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields.

  2. Scroll to SCIS Settings , and then click List in that row.

  3. Click Edit next to an existing SCIS Settings record to make changes.

  4. Click the General subtab to set the following:

Discounts and Shipping

Define the following settings for discounts and shipping:

  • In the SCIS Location Discounts list, select the discounts that you want to make available at this location.

  • In the SCIS Shipping Methods list, select the shipping methods you want to make available for this location.

  • Check the Use Default Discount box to make custom discounts available.

  • Select a value in the Default Discount list.

    Select the discount item to use with custom discounts. The value you select here is the actual discount item used for custom discounts. If you do not make a selection here, the default value is "Partner Discount."

    For example, you can check the Use Default Discount box, and then select a value from the list of discounts. When a sales associate enters a custom discount, the resulting sales transaction form shows the discount you choose as the custom discount name. The sales associate can enter any value as the amount of discount.

  • (Optional) Select one or more searches in the SCIS Saved Searches list. The saved searches you select here are available to the SCIS Sales Clerk when he or she is logged in.

For more information, see Configuring Discounts. See also, Publishing Saved Searches to SCIS Users.

SCIS Logo Settings

Consider using a transparent background for your logo image. Note the supported file formats: PNG files are recommended. JPEG files are also supported. SVG files are not supported.


Ensure that the Available Without Login box is checked on the image file you use for the logo or background. To ensure the Available Without Login box is checked, click the image while the SCIS Settings record is in View mode to be directed to the image file record. You can edit the image file record to check the box.

Select or add your logo images using the following fields on the General subtab:

  • Logo – Select the image to display in SCIS as your company logo. This shows in the upper left corner after logging in to SCIS.

  • Login Logo – Select the logo image that displays on the SCIS Login page. Because this image is displayed when employees first visit the page, prior to logging in, only the website filter is applied here. Location and subsidiary filters are not applied to the Login Logo.

  • Printable Logo – Select the logo image intended for printing on receipts.

  • Wallpaper – Select the background image on the main SCIS application screen.

Logo Image Dimensions

The size of the images that you select on the SCIS Settings record should have the same dimensions as the images used in SCIS by default. Note the dimensions for each type of logo. The following table shows the default image files installed with SCIS and the corresponding Logo fields on the SCIS Settings record.

Logo Field

Default Image File




215 x 46px

Login Logo


243 x 66px

Printable Logo


600 x 100px



1273 x 955px

Autocomplete Login

To enable the auto-complete login feature, check to the Use Login Autocomplete box on the SCIS settings record.

The first time the sales associate logs in after Autocomplete has been enabled, their email address is stored in the local database on the device. After that, the sales associate can take advantage of auto-complete capabilities on subsequent log-ins.

Saved Search

(Optional) Select one or more searches in the SCIS Saved Searches list. The saved searches you select here are available to the SCIS Sales Clerk when he or she is logged in. For more information on creating these saved searches, see Publishing Saved Searches to SCIS Users.

Shipping Label Fields

The following fields are used for shipping fulfillment requests. When orders are shipped from the store, the shipping label is sent by email before it is printed. You can change the default text in the following fields:

  • Shipping Label Email Body – This text appears in the email message.

  • Shipping Label Email Subject – This is the text that appears as the subject of the email message.

  • Shipping Label Email Prefix – This text appears before the @ symbol in the email address.

Automatic Log Out

Security guidelines for the retail industry recommend limiting the time a point-of-sale (POS) device will stay logged in during an idle session. An idle session is a period in which the application receives no manual input from a sales associate or other user.

The SCIS Settings > General subtab Automatic Log Out value determines the length of time a session can be idle before logging the sales associate out. After this time, the associate must log back in to continue using the device.

The maximum idle time is 30 minutes, with a minimum of 1 minute. 30 minutes is the default. Enter the number value only, without any text.


The Automatic Log Out time set here applies to devices assigned to the Locations, Subsidiaries, and Websites selected on the Filters subtab.