QuickAdd Bar and Forms Settings for SCIS

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SuiteCommerce InStore

Use the Other Configuration subtab on the SCIS Settings record to define QuickAdd bar behavior and forms settings for SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS).

To define the QuickAdd bar and forms for SCIS:

  1. Go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields.

  2. Scroll to SCIS Settings , and then click List in that row.

  3. Click Edit next to an existing SCIS Settings record to make changes.

  4. Click the Other Configurations subtab. Click the following to define settings:

  5. Click Save.

QuickAdd Bar

  • Show Related Items – Check the box to show an additional tab that displays Related Items associated with the last item on an order. You can define one or more Related Items by selecting them on item records.

  • Show Correlated Items – Check the box to show an additional tab that displays Correlated Items associated with the last item on an order. Correlated items are items that are frequently bought together. This list is automatically generated by the system and cannot be configured.

  • Start Raised – Check the box to show the SCIS main application screen with the QuickAdd bar expanded. When this box is cleared, the QuickAdd bar is collapsed on the main application page, and users can click the arrow to expand it.

Transaction Forms and Other Entry Forms

The forms you use with SCIS can impact the performance of the system. Forms that include many fields, custom fields or standard fields, may cause the system to slow down. Too many fields on a transaction form can increase the time between clicking the submit button and the data being written into the system.


SCIS includes forms that have been optimized for better performance. You can select one of the forms labeled Minimal, or customize one of the Minimal forms if needed. However, it is recommended that you test the form before you start using it in your SCIS implementation.

Transaction Forms

On the Transaction Forms subtab, select the forms you want to use for transactions submitted through SCIS. Select a form to use for each transaction.


The Standard Sales Order – BOPIS form is required for Sales Orders.

Entry Forms

On the Entry Forms subtab select forms you want to use for customers created with SCIS and employees logging into SCIS. Entry forms also include item record forms for products you sell with SCIS. Select a form to use for each of the entities and item types that you use with SCIS.