Content Delivery Integration

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The Content Delivery Service is supported until the Denali R2 (revision 2) release of SuiteCommerce Advanced only. Customers should use Site Management Tools instead of Content Delivery for SuiteCommerce and the Mont Blanc release of SuiteCommerce Advanced and later.

The Content Delivery SuiteApp combines customer forms, service files, and customer records to allow you to conveniently create and manage content pages and enhanced content areas for your website. Users who may not have a background in website scripting, such as marketing managers or site administrators, can integrate graphic elements, multimedia, and marketing content without writing code.

Configuring Content Delivery Service

To configure the content delivery service:

  1. Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Configuration.

  2. Select the Website and Domain.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Click the Advanced tab.

  5. Click the Cache subtab.

  6. Set the Content Page CDN cache duration for content pages.

  7. Set the Content Page TTL.

    This is the Time To Live (TTL) cache for content pages, specified in seconds. Value must be between 300 (5 minutes) and 7200 (2 hours).

  8. Click Save.


The Content Delivery bundle is supported for the ShopFlow, Checkout, and My Account applications. Content displayed in the Shopping application is delivered using this content delivery system. You can extend the SuiteCommerce Advanced applications by creating new content records for use with your own ecommerce solution. However, you can NOT extend the Content Delivery SuiteApp itself.