Web Store Email Templates

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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

You can create an email template to customize email messages sent from your web store. Create a different email template for each language supported on your web site. If you use the Multiple Web Sites feature, you can create different email templates for different sites.

You have the option to use the Text Editor to create your email template directly on the screen, or you can create an HTML file outside of NetSuite, and then attach it here. The email template editor supports Attribute tags and a set of web site tags specifically designed to include key information, such as customer name and order reference number, in your email templates.

After creating a web store email template, you must go to the Web Site Setup page to set preferences and to associate the email template with the appropriate email message type. If you operate multiple web sites you can use the Web Site Setup page to associate email templates with different sites. See Select Email Templates for your Web Site for more information.