Setting Up PayPal Express Checkout

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PayPal Express Checkout allows your customers to checkout using payment information that already exists in their PayPal accounts, so there is no need to register, or enter payment and address information on your web site. In addition, it lets you take advantage of specials and offers from PayPal and PayPal's partners, such as occasional deals on transaction fees and enhanced placement in Yahoo!® search results. Also, with PayPal Express Checkout integration, you can issue returns through PayPal.

After you set up PayPal Express Checkout, customers can click the PayPal button displayed in the shopping cart of your Commerce web store, and then they are temporarily redirected to the PayPal site to confirm or change payment and address information. Next, customers are returned to your site to enter any gift certificates or coupon codes and finally submit the order.

To set up PayPal Express Checkout successfully, you must first set up your PayPal merchant account with API access to NetSuite transactions, and then complete the PayPal Accounts setup page in NetSuite.

To set up API access for PayPal Express Checkout:

  1. If you do not already have a PayPal merchant account, visit the PayPal site and set up an account.

    You can go to Setup > Accounting > Payment Processing > PayPal Accounts and click the link near the top of the page.


    Your PayPal account type must be either Premier or Business to setup the API access required for PayPal Express Checkout.

  2. Log in to your PayPal merchant account, and use one of the following API Usernames, depending on your environment, for granting API Access to NetSuite:

    • For production accounts:

    • For sandbox or demo accounts:

  3. Check the following options in the list of APIs:

    • Use Express Checkout to process payments.

    • Issue a refund for a specific transaction.

    • Obtain information about a single transaction.

    • Search your transactions for items that match specific criteria and display the results.

    • Authorize and capture your PayPal transactions.

To complete PayPal Express Checkout setup in NetSuite:

  1. Make sure the feature is enabled.

    Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features > Transactions.

  2. On the Transactions subtab, check the PayPal Integration box.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Set up payment processing. Go to Setup > Accounting > Payment Processing > PayPal Accounts.

  5. Enter information into the Account Basics section as described below:

    • In the Account Name field, enter a name for the payment method that will use PayPal.

    • In the Primary PayPal Email Address field, enter the email address you use to log in to your PayPal merchant account.


      To receive customer payments, this email address must match the email address you use for your PayPal merchant account. This field is case sensitive. To determine the primary email address, log in to your PayPal account and open your profile.

    • Check the Test Mode box, if you are using the PayPal sandbox environment for testing the workflow.

    • Check the Express Checkout box to start using PayPal Express Checkout.


      Checking this box means that API access must be set up in your PayPal Express merchant account to enable integration with NetSuite.

    • Check the Use Express Checkout with Bill Me Later box if you want to allow customers with Bill Me Later accounts to use this payment option.

    • If you do not want to use this PayPal account, and you do not want to see it in lists, then check the Inactive box.

  6. Choose an account for PayPal transactions in the Payment Method section.

  7. Click Save.

Integration with PayPal is validated when you click save on the PayPal Accounts page. If PayPal Express Checkout is set up correctly, you can save the page successfully. For more information about associating multiple PayPal accounts with your NetSuite account, see Using Multiple PayPal Accounts.

When the customer completes checkout, a sales order is created in NetSuite with payment authorized by PayPal. Depending on your accounting settings, the sales order status in NetSuite is either pending fulfillment or pending approval. When the order is billed, payment is received from PayPal.


NetSuite does not send an email notification indicating that the order cannot be processed. After a funding error occurs in PayPal, the shopper is redirected back to PayPal where he or she can see a message about the error. The shopper can then select a new funding source and submit the order again.