Using Multiple PayPal Accounts

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced

You can use a separate PayPal account for each web site you operate, and if you use NetSuite OneWorld, you can use a separate PayPal account for each of your subsidiaries.

To set up multiple PayPal accounts:

  1. Visit PayPal to set up your merchant accounts.

  2. Log in to NetSuite to create a PayPal account record that corresponds with each PayPal account. Go to  . Click New to create additional PayPal accounts.

  3. If you want to use PayPal Express Checkout, follow the instructions in Setting Up PayPal Express Checkout.

  4. Go to Setup > Site Builder > Set Up Web Site to associate PayPal accounts with multiple web stores, or multiple subsidiaries in a OneWorld account. Follow the steps below:

    • For multiple web stores – on the Setup subtab, select the appropriate PayPal account in the Preferences section.

    • For OneWorld – on the Setup subtab, associate a PayPal account record with each of your subsidiaries.

  5. Click Save.

After you have multiple PayPal accounts set up in NetSuite, you can track web orders from multiple web sites or subsidiaries.