Authorization and Capture with PayPal Express Checkout

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced

After an order is created, NetSuite initiates an authorization request to PayPal for the full order amount. When the web store shopper approves the authorization, a three day honor period begins. PayPal places a hold on the shopper's payment account for the amount of the order to ensure availability of the funds for capture.

During the three day honor period, you are guaranteed to capture the funds as long as the authorization is valid. Please contact PayPal for more information about their validation process.

You have three days from the time the order is created to fulfill the order and capture the funds. If you attempt to capture the funds after the three day honor period, NetSuite voids the original authorization, initiates a new authorization, and attempts to capture the funds. By default your PayPal account is restricted to a single authorization. NetSuite can initiate only as many authorizations as your paypal account allows within a 29 day period.


Your PayPal account manager can determine how many authorizations are allowed in your PayPal merchant account and increase the limit for you if necessary.