Point your Domain Name at your Domain (DNS Settings)

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You need to configure the DNS settings for your domain at your domain provider. Configuring DNS settings means that you are instructing the domain name provider to point your domain name at the NetSuite website hosting servers.

In non-technical terms, configuring DNS settings is like setting up a mail redirection when you move house — you inform the post office to send all letters addressed to your old home address (your domain name) to your new address (NetSuite hosted domain). The people sending you letters use your old address but you will receive them at the new address. The file the post office holds for you containing information on where to send your letters is the equivalent of DNS settings.

Your domain provider can redirect your domain name by using the CNAME record (Canonical Name record) to designate your domain name as an alias of the NetSuite hosting domains assigned to your account. You can obtain the CNAME for your domain from the Domain record by navigating to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Domains.


After you have obtained the CNAME for your domain from the Domain record in NetSuite, you must log into your domain provider website to configure DNS settings. DNS configuration is a task that you complete outside of NetSuite.

Obtain the CNAME (Alias) for a Domain

You can obtain the CNAME for your domain from the Domain record by navigating to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Domains.

You can use the Copy button to copy the CNAME (Alias) from the Domain section of the form.


The CNAME (Alias) assigned to each domain in each NetSuite Account is unique.

Set Up a CNAME Record


Changing DNS configuration affects the ability to navigate to your site. Therefore, it should be changed by someone with DNS setup experience. You can also consider consulting with your domain provider before changing your DNS configuration.

Log into your domain provider website to manage DNS settings and to set up CNAME records. This is a task that you must complete outside of NetSuite.

Each domain provider has an online help system that gives detailed instructions for adding and editing CNAME records. Instructions vary depending on the domain provider. Make sure that you have copied the CNAME (Alias) displayed in your NetSuite account to use in DNS configuration settings with your domain provider.


If you use the same domain name for both your website and for email hosting, you cannot use a CNAME record to point your website domain to NetSuite. You must set up an A record for your website domain. For more information, see Website Domains and Email Hosting, in particular, the procedure on how to set up an A record.

Add or Change a Domain Name

Each time you add a new domain name in NetSuite, you must use the CNAME (Alias) displayed for that domain to configure DNS with your domain provider. Changing the domain name of your domain is not supported in NetSuite. If you want to change the domain name, you should delete the old domain and create a new one. You must then configure the DNS settings with your domain provider and use the CNAME (Alias) displayed for the new domain.