Download and Install OpenSSL

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OpenSSL is a utility that enables you to generate an SSL certificate and private key. See Overview of SSL Encryption for information on SSL certificates and private keys. NetSuite requires certificates and private keys in the following contexts:

  • When setting up a secure web store, including secure shopping domains, single secure domains for shopping and checkout, and custom checkout domains.

    When using secure domains, you must purchase an SSL certificate from a third party. See Purchase Domains and SSL Certificates for more information.

  • When testing a Commerce web store using a secure domain on the local server.

    Certificates and private keys are required when using HTTPS. You can generate the certificate and keys locally using OpenSSL. See Secure HTTP (HTTPS) with the Local Server for more information.

To download and install OpenSSL on Windows:

  1. Download OpenSSL.

    You can download binaries from Shining Light Productions. Choose the correct version for your Windows system.

    You can also download the OpenSSL source code and compile the binaries locally. See for more information.

  2. Configure the OPENSSL_CONFIG environment variable.

    Set the OPENSSL_CONFIG environment variable in your path or on the command line using the following statement:

    set OPENSSL_CONF=c:\OpenSSL-Win64\bin\openssl.cfg


    Use the corresponding path for your installation.

To download and install OpenSSL on Other Platforms

On MacOS, use Homebrew to install OpenSSL. After installing Homebrew, use the following command:

brew install openssl

On Ubuntu Linux, use the following command to install OpenSSL:

apt-get install openssl