Retrieve your Certificates

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After the certificate authority (CA) has validated your company's identity, they notify you that your SSL certificates are ready for retrieval. The time it takes to get your SSL certificates signed varies depending on the type of certificate you request, and the certificate authority you choose to work with.

After you have successfully submitted your payment information and CSR, the certificate authority verifies your company's identity, and then issues your SSL Certificates. The process for retrieving your certificates is slightly different for each vendor. Follow the directions provided by your certificate vendor to retrieve your certificate.


Some CAs provide an intermediate certificate and SSL certificate separately and some CAs provide a single certificate bundle file that contains both certificates.

After successfully retrieving your SSL certificates from the certificate authority, you should have:

  • A single certificate bundle file (secure.domainname.crt)), or

  • An SSL certificate (for example, secure.domainname.crt) and a separate intermediate certificate (for example, secure.domainname_ca.crt)

Now, you can continue with the setup process and Manual Certificates.