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Upload your SSL certificate and your intermediate certificate file in the SSL Certificates folder in the NetSuite file cabinet.


The certificate files are not validated or verified when they are uploaded to the file cabinet. You can upload files with any extension to the file cabinet. However, since 2017.1, the only files you can select when you are setting up your domains in NetSuite are certificate files with the following extensions: .cer, .cert, .crt, or .pem. Files with extensions such as .pfx or .p12 do not work.

  • The SSL certificate

  • The intermediate certificate


Never upload your private key to the file cabinet. You should store your private key as securely as you would a password.

You can upload multiple certificates in the SSL Certificates folder. If you are uploading a zipped file, unzip the file and upload the files individually. For more information about uploading files in NetSuite, see the help topic Uploading Files to the File Cabinet.

After you have uploaded your certificate files, you can set up your secure domain. See Secure Web Store for more details.


You are responsible for maintaining your SSL certificates. For more information, see Maintenance of Secure Domains.