View and Add Application Publishers

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To view a list of application publishers, go to Setup > Company > Application Publishers (Admin).

To create a new application publisher

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Application Publishers (Admin).

  2. Click New Application Publisher.

  3. Enter a Name for the application publisher.


    An application publisher must be unique across all NetSuite accounts. If you enter a name that is already in use, an error is displayed. Also, if you want to use SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) to create or edit SSP applications, you must use the SuiteApp application ID as the application publisher name. For information about SuiteApp application IDs, see the help topic SuiteApp Application ID.

  4. Click Save.

The application publisher appears as a component in the URL root that points to the SSP application and all its assets. The SSP application folder path includes a subfolder named for the application publisher and a subfolder with the application name. (The default can be edited.)

The SSP application folder path has a format like the following:

<HTML Hosting Root>: /SSP Applications/<Application Publisher>/<Application Name>