Debug a SuiteScript 1.0 SSP Application

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced | Site Builder


The creation of an SSP Application record enables you to write debugging details to the script execution log when SSP application scripts are run. These details are displayed on the Execution Log subtab of the SSP Application record.

Use the SuiteScript API nlapiLogExecution(type, title, details) to debug SSP applications written in SuiteScript 1.0. This API requires the following parameters:

  • type {string} [required] - One of the following log types:

    • DEBUG (the default when Status is set to Testing)

    • AUDIT

    • ERROR


  • title {string} [required] - A title used to organize log entries (max length: 99 characters). Important: The title argument is mandatory and a value must be specified. You cannot set title to null or to an empty string.

  • details {string} [optional] - The details of the log entry (max length: 3999 characters)

For more details about this API, see the SuiteScript Help.


Use of the SuiteScript Debugger currently is not supported for SSP application scripts.