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In the file cabinet, you can have some files restricted to only those who have login access to your account. However, files that are published in your website or available for download in your site should always be available without login to ensure they are displayed properly.

Make sure all of the image files used on your website are available without login by using a mass update.

To mass update files as available without login:

  1. Go to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Update.

  2. Click Files to expand the options for files.

  3. Click Make Files Available Online.

  4. On the Criteria subtab, select a filter to search for files that should be updated.

    For example, select folder to update files based on the folder they are stored in the file cabinet.

  5. In the Mass Update popup window, select the type of file that should be updated.

    For example, if you selected Folder as the filter, select Images to update the files in the Images folder.

  6. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to set additional criteria.

    Unless you are using expressions for your search with the And and Or functions, all criteria must be met to have the mass update apply.

  7. On the Results subtab, you can decide what information should show when you preview the results of the search before performing the update.

  8. To preview your results before performing the update, click Preview.

  9. To perform the update, click Perform Update.

    Alternatively, to save the update for future use, click Save. If you save the update, you still need to reopen the update to perform the update. Saved mass updates can be accessed at Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates.

All files meeting your criteria are now updated with the Available Without Login box checked.

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