Updating Redirect Domains

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced

Use the Redirects list page to update multiple URL redirects from one domain to another.

Note that any domain you want to use must be present in the list of your shopping domains. Redirects are not converted if you use the Domains page to overwrite or delete the original domain.

To change the domain on multiple redirects:

  1. Go to Setup > Site Builder > Redirects for Site Builder or go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Redirects for SuiteCommerce Advanced.

  2. In the Filters section of the Redirects list page, select a domain in the Change domain from field, and then select another domain in the to field.

  3. Click Update Redirects.

Immediately after updating the list of redirects, a popup window is displayed, confirming the number of changed records.