Importing Web Site Redirects

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In addition to Setting Up a URL Redirect individually on the Redirect record page, you can use the web site redirects import assistant to add and update URL redirects in bulk from a CSV file. The import of up to 100,000 URL redirects is supported.

This import assistant is available at Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Redirects > Import, when the Web Site and Host HTML Files features are enabled. You need the Set Up Web Site permission.

CSV Template File for URL Redirects

The web site redirects import assistant includes a link to a CSV template file. Populate your CSV file with the following fields for each redirect record:



Domain Name

Must match the name of an existing domain.
You need to set up domains in NetSuite before importing URL redirects. See Domains.

Maximum field size= 80

Redirect From URL

Must be a relative URL that is also a descriptive URL.

Maximum field size=4000

Redirect To URL

Can be any of the following:

  • a relative URL that points to an HTML page on your NetSuite site

  • a descriptive URL that points to a tab, category, or item detail page

  • an absolute URL that points to another site

Maximum field size=4000

Using the Web Site Redirects Import Assistant

To import URL redirects from a CSV file:

  1. Go to Setup > Site Builder > Redirects > Import for Site Builder or go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Redirects > Import for SuiteCommerce Advanced.

  2. Click the Redirect Template File link.

  3. Save the CSV file and populate it with your data, following the guidelines provided.

  4. In the Import Assistant, click Select, and then browse to your CSV file. Click Next.

    The second page of the Import Assistant shows how the fields in your file are mapped to NetSuite fields. This mapping is automated and you should not have to change it.

  5. Click Run.

During the import, the system attempts to match the Domain Name and Redirect From URL values to existing redirect records.

  • If a match is found, the import updates the existing redirect record with the Redirect To URL value.

  • If no match is found, the import adds a new redirect record.

You can use the import Job Status page to review the progress of your import. Note that the count of Redirect records successfully imported to NetSuite includes only values for Redirect From URL in the CSV file used for import.