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Welcome to SuiteCommerce! Follow these topics to get started building your SuiteCommerce Site. If you are new to SuiteCommerce, this section guides you through the initial steps necessary to establish a working site that is ready to be transformed into something unique. The topics below are your starting point and provide the bare minimum requirements to create a site that you can see on a development domain.

Read the following topics to learn more about setting up a site:

Enable Features

The first step to building your SuiteCommerce site is to enable a few required features in NetSuite.

Install Your SuiteCommerce Application

Each implementation of SuiteCommerce requires specific SuiteApps installed into your NetSuite account. Follow the procedures in this topic to install the right ones.

Configure Minimum Setup Requirements

After installing the SuiteApps for your application, you need to configure a few site settings and set up field sets before you can view your site on a development domain.

Next Steps

Your next step is to view your initial site. You still have many options to configure and set up for your site, but you are now on your way. The Next Steps section gives you a few ideas about where to look next.