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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

After the correct modules have been provisioned for your NetSuite account, the site administrator can turn on the following features required to get started. The list below includes all the features you need to create a SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced website.

To enable features for SuiteCommerce:

  1. In NetSuite, go to Setup > Company > Enable Features.

  2. In the Enable Features page, click the SuiteCloud tab and enable the following features:

    • SuiteScript field group:

      • Client SuiteScript

      • Server SuiteScript

      • SuiteScript Server Pages

    • SuiteTalk field group:

      • Web Services

  3. In the Web Presence tab, enable the following features:

    • Web Site field group:

      • Web Site

      • Web Store

      • Advanced Site Customization

      • Descriptive URLs

      • SuiteCommerce Advanced

      • Site Management Tools

    • Publishing field group:

      • Host HTML Files

    • Access field group:

      • Online Ordering

Now that your features are enabled, you are ready to Install Your SuiteCommerce Application.