Select and Configure Facet Fields

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Facets are a way of filtering the search results based on the values in the item fields. When a shopper clicks a facet value, the search results are reduced to only the items that have that value, and additional clicks continue to refine the search results. Commerce web stores and SCIS use modern faceted navigation for displaying item results.

Typically, a variety of item attributes are used as facets. For example, some of the popular facet fields for an apparels website are brand, gender, color, and size.

Adding a Facet Field under Search Index enables faceting for that field. You can then use this facet field with the Item Search API.


Avoid adding excessive Facets or Facet Values as it might impact search performance. It is recommended that you use 40 facets or less.

To select the facets:

  1. Complete the prerequisite tasks as described in Prerequisites.

  2. Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site.

  3. Click Edit next to your SuiteCommerce Advanced site.

  4. Click the Search Index sub tab and then Facet Fields.

  5. From the Facet Field Name dropdown, select the fields that you would like to use as facets and click Add.

  6. (Optional) If you want to delete a Facet Field from the list, you can select the field and click Remove.

  7. Once you have finalized the Facet Fields, click Save.

After you select the facet fields, you can configure the facet fields for your site using the SuiteCommerce Configuration record. For more details, see Configure Facet Fields.