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There are two ways to add product images to your web stores:

  • Use Site Management Tools (SMT) - a quick method to add marketing images, banner images, or non-item related images

  • Upload images to the File Cabinet - the method to add item images

For information on how to use SMT to add images to your website, see SMT Image Content Type.

To set up images by uploading them to the File Cabinet, complete the following tasks:


Before you begin


1. Renaming Image Files with an Item Identifier

Decide on a naming convention for image files that includes an item identifier.

To link image files to item records.

NetSuite uses the item identifier to match image files to item records.

2. (Optional) Setting a Default Image

Decide on a default image to display.

Designate one of these images to display by default on the product list page and first on the product detail page.

3. Setting the Commerce Image Domain and the Image Folder

To set the root folder for all product image files associated with a particular Commerce website.

4. Uploading Images to the File Cabinet for Websites

Rename all of the image files you want to associate with item records.

Create a .zip file on your computer that contains all the image files.

To populate the images folder for your Commerce website with product images.

5. (Optional) Setting Up Image Resizing

To specify the maximum height and width for images, and IDs for different image sizes.

You can use the Image Size ID to resize images in site templates.

6. (Optional) Setting up Image Compression for Websites

To reduce the file size of images, enabling faster loading and better website performance.

You can apply image compression settings at the website level and at the File Cabinet folder level.

7. Viewing Images on Item Records for Websites

Complete tasks 1 — 4.

To view images associated with a particular item record.

You can also edit Alt Image text.

Watch a related video.


After you have set up product images, you must add the itemimages_detail field to Fields Sets so that images display correctly on the site. Go to Setup > > Setup Web Site. If you are using the ShopFlow Suite App, add itemimages_detail to the Search and Details Field Sets.