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The Item Search API is typically consumed by an AJAX client. You can use a client-side JavaScript framework like JQuery to send an HTTP request to the API and get the JSON response back. The URL is accessible by any client that supports HTTP and JSON. You can retrieve results for a particular item search by sending an HTTP GET request.

The Item Search API base URL has the following format:

The components of the base URL is described here:

  • Custom Domain – A unique URL is required, which must be a custom domain. For example, is a custom domain.

  • Items – This API is designed to query item records in your NetSuite account. Note that /api/items in the URL is part of the path and it is required. You cannot assign a value to it.

  • Parameters – You can use parameters defined by NetSuite along with values from your account. You can use multiple parameters in an Item Search API request by separating them with an ampersand (&). Parameters are typically name-value pairs, such as fieldset=details. For more information, see Item Search API Input Parameters.


JSONP (JSON with padding) wraps the JSON response from API requests in a JavaScript variable that can be included in a script tag to enable cross-domain AJAX requests. Web developers can use callback as the input parameter as described in Callback Function, and then create the variable name. For more information about the jQuery API, see