Faceted Navigation

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SuiteCommerce Advanced



SuiteCommerce uses modern faceted navigation for displaying product results. With faceted navigation, users can incrementally refine search queries based on specific item attributes defined within the facet configuration.


These item attributes can reflect values from standard fields or custom fields.

When a user filters results using facets, the action initiates a call to the Search API in the backend. The site renders a new set of results in the Product Display area, filtered according to the facet parameters selected. Routers execute based off of the selected URLs.

Note that all selected facets are concatenated into a single URL, so you can pass multiple attributes to further refine your item search criteria. With the Elbrus release of SCA, you have the option of configuring facets as URL parameters or as part of the URL path. See Facets as Parameters for details on the differences and how each option affects SEO.

The router creates a new Facets.Model instance, which returns data via the Search API in a JSON object. The Facets.View then takes the JSON data, generates the result set for presentation, and regenerates the facet navigation area to update any dynamic changes to the browser.